Talk2Rep outbound call centers support high quality and efficient outbound dialing programs. Dynamic and flexible calling includes Predictive, Progressive and Preview modes utilizing award winning call center technologies including Stratasoft and TeleDirect dialing systems. Core support is provided by a team of highly skilled representatives. Providing the valuable link between the contact technology and the client, the Talk2Rep team provides excellence at the point of contact and ensures a positive experience every time. Ask about conducting targeted marketing to various language demographics including Spanish telemarketing, and more.

Talk2Rep call centers specialize in appointment setting, lead generation, telephone surveys and business to business contact management. Affordable, customized outbound solutions to acquire, cleanse and retain your database. Whether your looking for a new lead, upgrade an existing customer, or register your customer for an event or web demo, our outbound calls centers have the right experience and superior quality to meet or exceed your expectations.

Talk2Rep call centers generate leads, set appointments, acquires data and new customers.

Key Features 

    • Skilled Multi-lingual Agent Representation
    • Flexible Dialing Modes Predictive, Progressive, Preview
    • Superior Quality Assurance, Accurate Data Capture & Digital Recording
    • Web enabled stations with Call Blending Capability
    • Private Secure Networking, VPN, Firewall, HIPAA Compliant
    • Full statistical Daily Call Activity Reporting
    • Program and Script Development