Talk2Rep is a nationally recognized provider of telephone surveys and telephone data collection. Surveys and Data Collection, Data Cleansing and Updating, Statistical Data Analysis and More…

Talk2Rep specializes in data cleansing and web-based data collection utilizing CATI and proprietary technology dialing technologies. Our interviewers have collected and cleansed data through surveys for some of the largest companies in America including Sears, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the State of Florida. Data can be captured in multiple databases in a variety of file formats and customized so our client can analyze the information and identify trends readily.

Talk2Rep- Premier Provider of Telephone Surveys

Talk2Rep has also conducted multilingual interviews. Our interviewers and experienced with a track record of high respondent completion.

Telephone Surveys and On-line data collection for market research are increasing important for business and government agencies to understand their demographics and service their customers better. Types of Telephone Based Surveys:

  • Public Opinion Surveys
  • Awareness
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Polling
  • Mystery Shopping by Telephone
  • Market Research

Telephone Survey Quality Control

The most important part of any data collection program is to retain a quality control program. Unlike other data collection companies, Talk2Rep has a rigorous audit system designed to ensure data accuracy including script and logic flow testing, real-time data review, digital recording and fulfillment analysis prior to distribution to our clients.

Tallk2Rep utilizes an industry recognized survey tool used by the Social Security Administration, the Department of Defense, and many Fortune 500 Companies. Talk2Rep collects the right data accurately and efficiency.

Talk2Rep’s telephone data collection is used by such companies as Assurant, Motorola, Sprint and many State and Federal agencies as a resource for quality, integrity and efficiency. Contact one of the leading telephone survey companies in America:

Key Features

  • Industry Recognized CATI and Proprietary Web Based Survey tools
  • Skilled Survey Interviewers Educated on Technique and Accurate Data Capture
  • Fully Customizable Program Development for Open Ends and Selects
  • Rigorous Data Quality Control Phone Surveys Program
  • Significant Track Record Supported with High Completion Metrics
  • Supports Multiple Databases and features SPSS compatibility
  • Fast deployment within a matter of 24 hours, scalable to meet any requirement
  • Cost effective with many “Off the Shelf” surveys such as Employee Satisfaction and Mystery Shopper Surveys


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