If you are looking for “appointment setting services” and lead generation specialist, select the right appointment setting company to get you the results with high quality appointments you are looking for.

Talk2Rep appointment setting services provides businesses an efficient sales channel creating appointments and leads. Talk2Rep specializes in contacting decision makers to generate a lead, create an appointment, attend a web seminar and more. Talk2Rep appointment setting representatives can introduce a product and/or service and convert customers into new sales.

All appointments and leads are digitally recorded ensuring the highest quality sales conversion, we validate our data to make sure leads are generated accurately and data is cleansed and updated. The result of coupling experienced appointment setters, sophisticated techology and and a robust quality control program means provides you with best possible opportunities for you and sales team.


Professional Lead Generation Services: Talk2Rep

Talk2Rep “appointment setting” services support some of the largest and most progressive new companies from IBM to young start-up internet companies. When you are looking for new business, why spend time and resources hiring sales people that infrequently manually call people from time to time?

Employ the appointment setting industry experts at Talk2Rep to reach out and introduce your product or service professionaly and efficiently. Talk2Rep appointment setting offers the lowest cost per sale with the greatest sales conversions. Don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.

Unlike some appointment setting services providers, Talk2Rep provides a full range of services and end-to-end solutions including inbound customer services and satisfaction surveys. When you are looking to implement an aggressive sales campaign and improve customer growth, Talk2Rep appointment setting and lead generation services have the expertise to implement an integrated customer contact solution.

Talk2Rep has developed an extensive portfolio of clients and has helped share some appointment setting best practices. At Talk2Rep, our dedication and experience is what separates us from other appointment setting telemarketing services. Appointment Setting

The Talk2Rep Process

Leads are developed using our dialing systems which help our representatives navigate through the scripts and collect the right data. Our Representatives are consultative, attempting to understanding your customers needs and collect comments, our reps have have a calendar quota and scheduling system built into our dialer technologies which allows us to fill your calendar fully and accurately. We know how to manuever through a gatekeeper, sometimes the gatekeeper is the decision maker! We work with you to develop the right appointment setting script to handle any objections and obsticles that may prevent an appointment or lead from occurring. Prior to releasing any appointments to our clients, appointments are verified through our quality assurance department ensuring every appointment before being sent out the door to you. Appointments can be booked into your online calendar, through emailed daily via Excel or a database or even faxed to you daily. Appointment Setting

The Talk2Rep Bottom Line

At the end of the day however, our focus is the actual appointment or lead. We coach our Representatives on the importance of focusing on securing the lead, it’s our core competancy so you can focus on yours. Some of our clients realize a 30-35% close rate on our appointment setting and leads with a measurable ROI. We’ll send you a daily report of our leads each morning including a return file of leads and appointments. You’ll work with an Account Manager to guide you from start-up to implementation. Daily communication is important to ensure your program is productive and your a satisfied customer. Our experienced Account Management team analyzes trends, offers feedback and monitors your program results. Superior Appointment Setting And Lead Generation: Talk2Rep Appointment Setting Key Features: