In the Call Center industry when we speak of “Near Shore” operations we think of South America and the Caribbean, our neighboring nations this side of the hemisphere.

One of the obvious traits of near shore call centers is its close geographic proximity to the US which  translates to reduced travel time, easier communication and a greater cultural influence on the population.  This influence closes the cultural gap which plagues offshore BPO firms and provides a greater understanding of customer expectations which leads to higher customer satisfaction. The Dominican Republic has an excellent telecommunications infrastructure and a friendly goverment providing “Duty Free Zones” or corporate parks which allow foreign corporations to operate with limited regulation, restriction, and taxation. With an education system that has increasingly infused English into its curriculum, the Dominican Republic has become a premier location for call centers. In the DR you will find a highly motivated and talented work force with an inherit insight on American culture giving them the edge over their offshore competitors in India and the Philippines.

Today’s business’s face a highly demanding consumer base who expect to receive world class service 24 hours a day 7 days a week while being provided a high value product/service at the lowest possible cost to them. Call centers remain business’s most effective resource for providing customer service, generating sales, and marketing their brand. With a highly competitive market and demanding consumer audience driving down product costs Near shore outsourcing these services has become more and more attractive to corporate executives and business owners  focused on saving significant dollars and strengthening their ROI. The balancing act when outsourcing is to cultivate a high quality cost effective relationship with your telemarketing channel while managing the negative stigmatism associated with off shore centers. This is why the Dominican Republic has become one of the top locations for the call center industry, a young educated fluently bi-lingual work force, with an inside track on the fast paced demanding American culture.

These are the ingredients that allow you to provide a superior customer experience at a fraction of the cost. With travel time ranging around  2-4  hours from most major US cities vs 18-24 hour plane ride to our friends in India and the Philippines, it’s no surprise that the Dominican Republic has and will continue to be at the top of the list for quality outsourcing talent to companies across the US.