The Talk2Rep business to business telemarketing solution is nationally recognized as “experts” contacting businesses to introduce various products and services on behalf of our clients. Our telemarketing references and quality assurance are superior. Talk2Rep provides the results, reporting, and quality. At the heart of Talk2Rep is a team of highly
skilled business to business telemarketing representatives.

Providing the valuable link between the technology and the client, the Talk2Rep team provides excellence at the point of contact and ensures a positive customer experience every time.

Talk2Rep has perfected the business to business telemarketing experience by introducing products and services professionally, we don’t just read telemarketing scripts, we engage business people over the telephone, and conduct a brief needs analysis before ever asking for a sale. It’s important not just to “sell” a customer, but rather to sell the “right” customer”. Ask us about prequalifying, lead generation, web seminar appointments and more.

Talk2Rep’s Business-to-Business Telemarketing Expertise includes:

Typical Business to Business Telemarketing Questions to Process:

Let Talk2Rep partner with you to share our industry knowledge and experience to make your next business to business telemarketing campaign productive.

Keep in mind when it comes to a business to business telemarketing campaign, it’s about a quality customer experience, make sure that whatever partner you choose, they have positive references, a quality control program with digital recording and remote monitoring capabilities.

Talk2Rep specializes in appointment setting, lead generation, data collection survey and business to business contact management.

Affordable, customized survey solutions to acquire, cleanse and retain your database.

Talk2Rep business to business telemarketing programs generates leads, sets appointments, acquires data and new customers.

Business to Business Telemarketing Key Features

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