Talk2Rep’s email management solution combines the speed of response at the right price to efficiently manage your customer’s emails.

Managing your company’s flood of emails can be challenging— inefficiencies and inconsistencies in responses can result in customer loss and reduced brand loyalty. Fortunately, Talk2Rep Email management solution addresses these problems with ease 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

From inquiries to fast and friendly responses

Intelligent routing rules access text within emails and forwards to your Talk2Rep agent with the appropriate expertise to deal with the inquiry—increasing agent efficiency while leaving room for personal touches that build brand loyalty.

Talk2Rep Manages Email with rich metrics that optimize performance

Sophisticated reporting tools helps optimize performance with real-time email management dashboards, agent service level agreement timers, and extensive management reports with a simple and intuitive interface.

Improve Email Effectiveness

For effective email management, use canned ‘Quick Responses’ and optional knowledge base articles to ensure rapid, consistent, branded, and accurate responses, and helping manage client expectations with automatic acknowledgement emails.

Track incidents accurately

View related email messages and other interaction histories across a particular incident or group of incidents, providing necessary context to the agent handling the email.

Enhance productivity

Help leverage a variety of tools to improve operational productivity including automatic categorization, automated and suggested responses and more.


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