On average a database is reduced by 20% every 6 months due to change of address, change of name, or for businesses it may be job title, change of employee or phone extensions.

Imagine sending out valuable company information to your database just to have it returned unread..contact the database updating and database cleansing experts at Talk2Rep to find out how to manage your database.

Poorly maintained databases will lead to inaccurate targeting and wasted marketing resources such as undelivered direct mail and poor telemarketing results. Our data cleansing service will help you get the most out of your customer and prospect databases.

Professional Database Updating Solutions:

With Talk2Rep’s database updating and database cleansing services we’ll contact your database by telephone confirming and updating critical data elements along with other valuable business information you may or may not have contained within the file.

Talk2Rep database updating by phone can also enhance your database by appending highly relevant marketing information such as business activity; SIC codes, number of employees, turnover, Senior decision maker contact names and more.

Despite your efforts to develop customer relationships, some consumers on your database will have disappeared. Whether the individual has moved home or passed away, continued attempts to send marketing communications are at best a waste of time,
effort and resource at worst they can cause offen0se and may damage your brand.

A recent article on database updating and database cleansing in Destination CRM by Talk2Rep executive Jim Ryan:

How to Enhance the Quality of your Database?

Maximize the efficiency of your next Direct Marketing and telemarketing campaign by updating your database professionally and accurately for just pennies per contact.

High Quality and Affordable Database Updating Solutions:Talk2Rep

Find out why companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, and P&G selected Talk2Rep to update and cleanse their customer
database by phone.

Database Updating and Database Cleansing Key Features: