Talk2Rep call centers specialize in French telemarketing and service the French and Creole speaking communities.. Today over 300 million people speak in the world, making it one most widely spoken language in the world. French is also spoken in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Monaco, and numerous other countries around the world.

In the United States, over 2 million people speak French at home. The highest concentration of French speaking people is in Louisiana and New England, because of its proximity to the Canadian province of Quebec. Island and Caribbean immigration with French Creole speaking consumers into the United States has had far reaching impact also into such states as Florida, New York and New Jersey.

Find out how Talk2Rep call centers can help you service and penetrate this market. Find out how Talk2Rep call centers, one of the leading telemarketing companies, can design a language targeted program.

All spoken languages develop regional variations, or dialects; and the French language is no exception. Dialects, Creole, patois and other verbal variations abound.

Talk2Rep call centers support both French and French Creole clients.

Whether health related services, market research, or consumer marketing, Talk2Rep has the experience, staff and systems to effectively reach and service this growing market.

Professional French Speaking Call Centers: Talk2Rep

Talk2Rep’s Quality Assurance for our inbound call centers promotes internal and external feedback cycles with our call centers and our client to monitor the performance of the Representatives effectively and efficiently.

We have a proprietary software solution solution that helps our Representatives continuously improve their customer care and customer acquisition skills. Many of our clients use our Quality Assurance program to monitor activity and make real-time changes to their applications.


Such unique options include Real Time Digital recordings of data and voice captured and forwarded randomly and sent to our Clients via email or secured FTP.

Talk2Rep also uses our Quality Assurance program to help set production and quality goals. We develop evaluation forms with our clients to ensure we are rating your service representatives on all pertinent criteria during customer contact. Keeping abreast of the trends and tendencies that become apparent
through the use of our program ensures we are running a highly effective and efficient operation for each of our clients.

The result of our rigorous Quality Assurance means Accurate Data Capture and a superior inbound call centers customer experience