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Creating Opportunities

“We originally started developing a stronger infrastructure and a reliable business model and platform,” says Talk2Rep CEO Jim Ryan, whose company has been using home agents for the last seven and a half years across 22 states in the US to respond to this demand. “Everything from hiring staff, training, operations, technology to building an entire platform revolving around our home agents.”

Ryan says his company is inundated with applicants which means they can afford to be choosy. “Today we receive between 2000 to 5000 resumes per month from people across the US looking for job opportunities.” Talk2Rep has a rigorous process for selecting potential home workers to make sure they hire professionals.

“We have a critical battery of tests that we have these agents go through in order for them to onboard themselves when they talk as rep agents. Because we have such a huge volume of applicants we’re able to narrow down to what we really feel is the best.” Candidates’ typing, desktop capabilities, IT knowledge and personality are all looked at in order to find the perfect match for clients’ needs.

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