Talk2Rep Call Centers provides superior lead generation services providing high quality leads and a quality customer experience. If you want your customers treated the right way, ask us how. Compare Talk2Rep “lead generation” services to some of our competitors and you will find striking differences in price, experience and know how.
As one of the top lead generation companies in the United States, Talk2Rep utilizes fully automated Call Centers and workstations handling thousands of transactions every day.

Unlike some Lead Generation services, Talk2Rep provides a full range of solutions. Whether you are looking to implement an aggressive sales campaign, appointment setting program or a strategic sales channel, Talk2Rep has the expertise to implement an integrated and affordable “lead generation” solution.

Lead Generation – The Talk2Rep Process

Leads are developed using our dialing systems which help our representatives navigate through the scripts and collect the right data. Our Lead Generation Representatives are consultative, attempting to understanding your customers needs and collect comments, our reps have have a calender quota and scheduling system built into our dialer technologies which allows us to fill your calender fully and accurately. Prior to releasing any leads to our clients, appointmnets are verified through our quality assurance department validating the leads before being sent out the door to you.

Leads can be booked into your online calender, emailed daily via Excel or a database or even faxed to you daily. Many businesses today are pre-empting their direct mail or lead generation programs by condcuting phone surveys to prequalify the target prior to starting a campaign. Ask us how to design and implement a cost effective lead generation phone survey program to understand and service your target more effectively.

Talk2Rep Lead Generation Services : Quality and Delivery

Why do so many companies choose Talk2Rep over other lead generation companies? What is it that separates us from other lead generation services? We have spent years building the knowledge and experience it takes to serve the industries of today. At Talk2Rep lead generation , our dedication and experience is what separates us from other telemarketing lead generation companies.

Lead Generation: The Talk2Rep Solution

Our teams and systems are designed to operate at maximum efficiency on projects specific to a wide array of industries.

We serve as an extension to some of the world’s largest and most successful companies and represent some of the most familiar and valuable brand names in America. Ask us about multilingual lead generation services specializing in Spanish Leads and French Leads.

At Talk2Rep, we offer a wide variety of Lead Generation Services that other Call Centers can’t compete with. Our lead generation services include order capture, customer service, sales acquisition, technical support and full account management applications.

Another lead generation tool is through the use of phone surveys a service to prequalify and identify a target prior to launching a lead generation campaign.