Social Responsibility

At Talk2Rep, our company’s mission is founded on creating meaningful connections between clients and customers through omni-channel interactions such as voice and chat.

This mission infuses everything we do, from our internal operations to how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace and how we communicate and connect with our local and global neighbors.

We look to form alliances, donate services etc. to a distinguished group of social enterprises.   As an example, Talk2Rep partners with various Lighthouses for the Blind to assist those that are blind and visually impaired with jobs including technologies to service our clients by working at home.  Such jobs as customer service, appointment setting, market research and more are being done today by a talented team of professionals working from their homes.

Our clients benefit from hiring a highly talented and motivated work force while Lighthouses gain deployable revenue generated from our efforts.

If you have a social mission and are interested in partnering or forming a socially responsible alliance with us, please contact us today.

For more about partnering and creating social enterprise solutions,

contact: 866-856-2Rep (2737) to find out more