What are customers saying and what do they think of our services?
How are we communicating with our customers?

Just some of the questions senior management think of regularly in both the private and public sectors. If the person answering the phone is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and welcoming, the potential customer is more likely to purchase and be satisfied customer.

According to the American Banker’s Association, a U.S. bank’s average cost of acquiring a new customer is $3,500. While acquisition costs vary widely among organizations, it is vital to the sales and growth of a company to be aware of the impact the person answering the phone has on their business as a potential customer’s first impression which often begins on the telephone.

Therefore, it is important to know how the calls are being handled, and to train the staff to treat each customer calling their business as if they were standing in front of them Utilizing sophisticated contact center technology and quantitative on-line measurement tools, Talk2Rep can independently audit, monitor, and even score call center representatives, branch locations and retail stores. Talk2Rep mystery shopping programs are designed to be customized to each individual client’s need. Our surveys are designed to provide you the data and analytics needed to support further training and internal supportive tools.

Mystery Shopping Services by Telephone

How to Conduct a Telephone based Mystery Shopping Program?

Talk2Rep has the experience and expertise to develop your next mystery shopping program.

Telephone Mystery Shopping Key Features

We can also help you see what is taking place at your competitors’ locations.  Many of our clients experience REVENUE INCREASES in direct correlation to increases in mystery shopping scores. Research also indicates a direct correlation between positive, motivating management practices and INCREASED REVENUES

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