There are several million mobile apps out there. If your company had made the app plunge, how are you interacting with your customers with your App? Research indicates US consumers prefer mobile browsers for banking, travel, shopping, local info, news, video, sports and blogs and prefer apps for games, social media, maps and music. What may be most surprising is what’s not on the list?

While shopping is in the top 5 for web browsing, the shopping on the web app hasn’t broken through to the dismay of big retailers that have well designed such as Target and Wal-Mart. Apple doesn’t even have a main category for shopping. The App Store lumps it under the Lifestyle category. With more tablets notebooks and IPads out there in record number why the customer slow adoption?

Main reason, Lack of user friendly experience and customer interaction.

No doubt your customers are mobile and on the go today. The smart phone, tablet market has had exponential growth with over 70% of the world’s population having a cell phone. 9 of every 10 US citizens carry a mobile device and customers are turning more and more to apps to check accounts, view content, and for those smart mobile app developers…purchase something. So how can you engage customers directly for a sale, offer customer service and technical support and create a better customer experience?

In the last year we have witnessed some live chat applications on mobile devices. As an example your iPhone users can now connect to your chat agents on demand from an iPhone application. What are some practical applications for this new and emerging mobile app chat technology?A few examples look like this:

A software company may want to have a technical support mobile app chat function available. There may be a need for some sort of support requirements and a customer then can initiate a chat with an agent directly from your mobile application as opposed to calling or emailing customer service. Additionally, the agent has visibility from the Chat Administrative Console that the visitor is using a mobile device.

A retailer launches a mobile app with various offers and products have some phone numbers for support but no online chat. The increased costs to make a call regarding the mobile app product are defeating the purpose of the application for on-line customer ease.

Here’s the example:

I’m at work and want to view bedding from Target’s mobile app. I have some questions but can’t make a call. A Mobile chat application promotes customers ease, and reduces costs due to the live chat agent’s ability to have multiple chat conversations simultaneously with incurred telecommunications cost.

Check out Target’s mobile App, its user friendly, lots of products to purchase, options to call but no chat application. How many potential customers and sales are being lost from visitors that want help but can’t make a call?

75% of shoppers will engage in an Internet search while walking in your store with a mobile app, or watching your commercial with an IPad next to them or perhaps reading your ad. A Mobile App Chat enables you to quickly provide instant answers to your customers’ questions, more importantly at the critical stage when they are making a purchasing decision.

At Talk2Rep, we are thinking that the Mobile App Chat application is a game changer for companies that engage their customers for service, support and sales. After recently deploying a telecom giants mobile app chat team, we are seeing a flow of customers that want questions answered from everything from billing, customer service and purchases. With the chat app loaded, customers previously may want to simply check their bill, now they are being engaged with added features and plans with an up-sell.

The Mobile App Live Chat reduces phone calls and emails, improves customer satisfaction, builds customer trust and increases brand loyalty and can monetize the experience with sales. It surrounds the customer with a better user engagement due to faster resolution response times. Pads and smart phones are handy devices in your customer’s hand. Great, you now have a presence with an app, but how are you engaging your customers with smart, friendly and perhaps sales savvy mobile app chat representative.